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Version: V4

V4 Periphery Contracts

Fork Tests Coverage Status built-with openzeppelin GPLv3 license



Getting Started

The project is made available as a NPM package.

$ yarn add @pooltogether/v4-periphery

The repo can be cloned from Github for contributions.

$ git clone
$ yarn

We use direnv to manage environment variables. You'll likely need to install it.

cp .envrc.example .envrc


We use Hardhat and hardhat-deploy

To run unit tests:

$ yarn test

To run coverage:

$ yarn coverage


Mainnet fork tests have been implemented to test the functionalities of the TWAB Rewards contract.

To start the mainnet fork RPC server, run:

$ yarn start-fork

To run the mainnet fork tests for the TWAB Rewards contract, run:

$ yarn twab-rewards-fork

If you wish to run both at the same time, run:

$ yarn run-twab-rewards-fork

This command is used in the Github Actions workflow located in .github/workflows/fork.yml.