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Version: V4

What Is PoolTogether?

To begin, we should make clear the distinctions between the different areas of "PoolTogether", some of which may confuse new users.

  • PoolTogether Governance: A governance system for governing the PoolTogether Protocol, enabled by the POOL token.

  • The PoolTogether Protocol: A set of smart contracts that form a prize savings liquidity network.

  • The PoolTogether Interface: A web interface that allows for easy interaction with the PoolTogether protocol. The interface is only one of many ways one may interact with the PoolTogether protocol.

  • PoolTogether Inc: The company which developed the PoolTogether protocol, along with the web interface.

The PoolTogether Protocol

PoolTogether promotes financial security by making it fun to save.

  1. 🏦 Users deposit into the network
  2. 📈 Yield accrues on deposits
  3. 🏆 The yield is randomly awarded as prizes to the users.

The protocol turns your interest into fun prizes! You never lose your principal, and have a chance to win big.