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Version: V5

What Is PoolTogether?

The PoolTogether Protocol promotes financial security by making it fun to save!

  1. 🏦 Users deposit tokens
  2. 📈 Yield accrues on deposits
  3. 🏆 The yield is randomly awarded as prizes!
  4. 💰 Users can withdraw their funds at any time

Never lose your principal, and have a chance to win big.

Learn how you can earn fees and extend the protocol.

What's New in V5

Version 5 of PoolTogether brings massive improvements. The protocol is now:

  • Autonomous: there is no central entity (whether an admin or governance) controlling the protocol.
  • Permissionless: anyone will be able to add new assets and yield sources to the protocol.

To find out more, the best place to start is the Protocol Design.